A Critical Look at Life
in the Screen Age

The writing, the rewritng, edits and more rewriting

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One Persons Thoughts

The writing of this book was not a unique discovery.  It wasn't the uncovering of unknown knowledge or exposing a new thought or theory.  I simply put into words what many of us think about, what many people observe and, in truth, what many talk about quite often.  

I published this book under the name TJ Prosit (not my real name) because the word Prosit is a latin word meaning, in essence, "may you benefit from this" which is ultimately my hope for the reader.  

My purpose was to take a nagging subject and put some real information behind it and provide a bit of encouragement to take a serious look at how we spend our waking hours.  

I absolutely and passionately believe in the value and potential of every person and we all see the wonderful impact people can have by simply making it a goal to make a difference, to be productive, to find that unique place in the complex fabric of life.   But we will never achieve much if we allow the useless, mindless or damaging to occupy our minds and hearts.   

There isn't one solution to this challenge.   Everyone is on their own journey, their own path to finding their best self so this book is intended for each person to find their own message, their own response because every life is unique with it's own complex mix of challenges.   

So I encourage you to read it alone, think about the message based on your own situation and decide for yourself... what are my distractions? What is keeping me from being my complete self both for my own benefit and the benefit of those in my life?  

If we all take this subject seriously, to act on a better awareness about how we spend our time, I believe tomorrow will be better, and the next day even better for you and everyone you touch.  

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Please watch for my book Distraction on Amazon.   A paperback version as well as eBook will be available.   There may also be a "Read by the Author" audiobook with some practice and guidance...  And a really good sound engineer! 

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